Changing SpamAssassin Scores

Greg Miller gmiller at RICHMOND.EDU
Wed Nov 12 20:20:57 GMT 2003

I am having a problem modifying the default SA scores. I am adding a
line to /etc/MailScanner/spam.assassin.prefs.conf such as

score PENIS_ENLARGE2 5.00

However, email that is hitting that test, as shown by the header, is
only score 2.3 or below. What might I be doing wrong?

Also, how do I change the MailScanner headers so that they give the
scores and the descriptions of every test that has hit. Setting
use_terse_report to 0 doesn't seem to do the trick.


Greg Miller, RHCE, CCNA, MCSE
Senior Network Specialist
University of Richmond
gmiller at
(804) 289-8546

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