Stopping MailScanner

Bill Anderson billa at STERLING.NET
Wed Nov 12 19:56:01 GMT 2003

I have waited up to 5 minutes and they are still processing mail.  Can I go
ahead and start mailscanner with these sendmail processes running, or do I
need to shutdown sendmail before starting mailscanner again?  Thanks.

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> Objet : Stopping MailScanner
> When I do an /etc/init.d/MailScanner stop, the mailscanner processes
> shutdown, however, the sendmail processes are still running.

they may still run for some time, if they are processing messages, have you
waited long enough?

> Is this normal behaviour?  In previous versions shutting down
> MailScanner
> would shutdown the sendmail processes as well.
> Do I need to shutdown sendmail to restart MailScanner?
> Thanks.
> ps.  I posted this earlier, however, I believe my question was hard to
> understand.

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