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Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 12:48:43 +0100
From: Luca 'NERvOus' Gibelli <nervous at nervous.it>
To: clamav-announce at lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: [Clamav-announce] new ClamAV release

The long waited 0.65 release is finally out. 

The project has been moved into SourceForge. The only official ClamAV's 
homepage is www.clamav.net (however clamav.elektrapro.com still works). 

ClamAV 0.65 introduces a new database container file format (called CVD) with
support for digital signatures and compression. Please remove the old
databases from your database directory before the installation. And the most
important thing: clamd stability has been greatly improved (especially under
FreeBSD) ! Also we have a new mirror infrastructure - you will find all the
details in clamdoc.pdf. If you want to become an official ClamAV mirror
(with entry in database.clamav.net) please read the clamav-mirror-howto.pdf
document and contact our administrator - Luca Gibelli <nervous*clamav.net>.

Noteworthy changes in this version:

-) clamd:
    + fixed a race condition in database reloading code (random crashes
      under high load)
    + fixed a race condition with the improperly initialized session start time
      (thanks to Michael Dankov)
    + fixed PidFile permissions (Magnus Ekdahl, bug reported by Tomasz Papszun)
    + fixed LogFile permissions (Magnus Ekdahl)
    + new directive ScanRAR (bacause RAR support is now disabled by default)
    + new directive VirusEvent
    + new directive FixStaleSocket (Thomas Lamy and Mark Mielke)
    + new directive TCPAddr (Bernard Quatermass, fixed by Damien Curtain)
    + new directive Debug

-) clamav-milter: (Nigel Horne <njh*clamav.net>)
    + new --force-scan flag
    + new -P and -q flags by Nicholas M. Kirsch
    WARNING: clamav-milter and our mail scanner are still in high development
             and may be unstable. You should always use the CVS version.

-) libclamav:
    + support for a new database container format (CVD) - compressed and
      digitally signed
    + better protection against malformed zip archives (such as Mimail)
    + mail decoder fixes (thanks to Rene Bellora, Bernd Kuhls, Thomas Lamy,
      Tomasz Papszun) (Nigel Horne)
    + memory leak fixes (Thomas Lamy)
    + new scan option CL_DISABLERAR (disables built-in RAR unpacker)

-) freshclam:
    + fixed --on-error-execute behaviour (David Woakes)
    + new option --user (-u) USER - run as USER instead of the default user.
      Patch by Damien Curtain.
    + rewritten to use database.clamav.net and CVD

-) documentation:
    + new Spanish documentation on ClamAV and Sendmail integration by
      Erick Ivaan Lopez Carreon
    + included clamdoc.pdf Turkish translation by yavuz kaya and Ýbrahim erken
    + included clamav-mirror-howto.pdf by Luca Gibelli
    + included clamd+daemontools HOWTO by Jesse D. Guardiani
    + included signatures.pdf
    + man pages: updated
    + clamdoc.pdf: rewritten

New members of our list of ClamAV certified software (see clamdoc.pdf for
    + cgpav
    + smtp-vilter
    + IVS Milter
    + scanexi
    + Mail::ClamAV
    + OpenAntiVirus samba-vscan
    + Sylpheed Claws
    + nclamd

Thanks to Mia Kalenius and Sergei Pronin we have a new official logo !

Thank you for using ClamAV !

Luca 'NERvOus' Gibelli (nervous at nervous.it || bofh at oltrelinux.com)
Home Page: http://www.nervous.it

BOFH excuse 4540:
 * multicasts on broken packets

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