A performance upgrade

Steve Douglas steve.douglas at SBIINCORPORATED.COM
Tue Nov 11 19:24:51 GMT 2003

My gateway is RH9 and MS 4.24-11 (I think).  I intentionally stay a few
versions behind.  I don't get along with the word beta.

My MS gateway is running rock solid.  No complaints here.  I have made a few
tweaks along the way to improve performance.  Nothing else runs on the unit.
The system only receives around 3 to 4k messages a day.  I just increased
the RAM from 512 mb to 1.5 gb of RAM.  It is a PIV.

The system was installed originally with 512mb of RAM.  Is there any
quick-and-slick changes anyone can suggest to tweak this system further to
optimize MS?  I see similar messages in the forum quite often, but there is
nothing I am specifically looking to fix due to the reliability of the unit.

Being a linux idiot, I am open for suggestions.  Thanks!

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