MailScanner latest beta breaks scan rules

Alessandro Bianchi alex at SKYNET-SRL.COM
Tue Nov 11 18:27:29 GMT 2003

Hi everyone

Few days ago, I posted a message stating that after upgrading my
working 4.24 MS to the  latest 4.25.6 beta it stopped scanning all my

Today I tried to trace the problem checking all the wrappers as
suggested, with no luck.: they all worked fine when launched "by hand"

At the end I tried setting the scanning line from

Virus Scanning = %rules-dir%/scanDomains.rules

that worked fine with 4.24 to

Virus Scanning = yes

BINGO it worked.

After changing it back I've investigated the syntax of the
scanDomains.rules, and it looks as follows:

TO:             *    yes
# some comments
TO:             *     yes
# some other comments
FromTo: default         no

Uhm, it look fine ad it worked until upgraded

I tried then to set

FromTo: default         yes

It worked again...

So I tried to change the case of the rules with no luck...  (To:
FromTo: From:)

Downgrading back to 4.24 with rpm -i --force  restored normal

So I suspect something is wrong with the parsing syntax, or something
has changes,  or that I'm wrong with the syntax...


Thank to all

Alessandro Bianchi

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