mailscanner on hp9000 hp-ux 11.11 ?

John Hawkes-Reed jkha at HPLB.HPL.HP.COM
Tue Nov 11 16:40:57 GMT 2003

edwin knol wrote:
> Hello
> I consider using mailscanner. But I'm not sure it will run properly on my
> HP9000/800 PA-RISC with  HP-UX B.11.11. Perhaps somebody in this
> maillinglist can tell me if you succeeded with installing mailscanner on
> this OS correctly?
> I would like to know for instance if there were any problems with the extra
> perl modules needed and the 64-bit pa-risc architecture.
> And which specific compiler and libraries were used to make the TNEF module?
> Despite the good references of mailscanner, I would really like to know if
> anyone experienced severere performance loss using mailscanner?

Yes. It works. We're running Mailscanner on various boxes under both
10.20 and 11.11 using locally built versions of Perl 5.8.x

As long as the compiler used to build perl matches the one used to build
the modules, you should be ok. I used HP's cc because at the time, GCC
was still a bit of a moving target.

Performance? Throw memory at it.


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