Restarting MailScanner...

Bill Anderson billa at STERLING.NET
Mon Nov 10 22:57:02 GMT 2003

I have been having some funny behaviour out of MailScanner when I restart
it.  I am currently running mailscanner-4.22-4.

1) running mailcanner stop -> mailscanner shutsdown, but there are still a
bunch of sendmail processes running.  Can I go ahead and restart
mailscanner, or should I shut down the sendmail processes as well?  In the
previous version shutting down mailscanner shut down the sendmail processes
as well.

2) after restarting mailscanner my directory starts to backup up.
I can see that mail start to stack up to where all my mail starts to be
delayed in being delivered.  After about an hour my directory
get's back to a normal size.  Why would just shutting down and restarting
mailscanner have this effect?  I have been doing a mailscanner stop,
sendmail stop, mailscanner start.


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