Problem with latest beta: stops scanning!

Alessandro Bianchi alex at SKYNET-SRL.COM
Sun Nov 9 11:08:05 GMT 2003


just another thing

My wrappers work fine with the current stable release 4.24 so I suspect
that unless the wrappers have been changed in this latest release they
should work is'n it?

I also reinstalle the 4.24 from scratch, had it working and then
reinstalled the 4.25 with no luck.

Mail gets scanned but antivirus checkings seem to be ignored.

The strange thing is that NONE of the three scanners seemed to work.

Just to let you have any information...

Anyway as I already told, I'll chech everything twice tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience.

Best greetings

Alessandro Bianchi

> Hi Julian
> I'll recheck everything just to be sure, but I reinstalled the 4.24-5
> from scratch and it overwrited all my hand changed files.
> So I suspect all the wrapper were reinstalled too.
> I'll be very happy to provide you the bitdefebder7-wrapper and the new
> virus.scanners.conf as soon I'll be back to the office (tomorrow in
> the afternoon).
> I'll keep you informed about my testings
> Best greetings
> Alessandro Bianchi
> Il giorno 09/nov/03, alle 01:07, Automatic digest processor ha scritto:
>> Subject: Re: Problem with latest beta: stops scanning!
>> I tested it originally myself with EICAR and it detected all of them
>> just fine.
>> You aren't using an old -wrapper with a newer MailScanner are you? I
>> changed the command-line spec of the -wrapper scripts a couple of
>> versions ago.
>> Can you give me your bitdefender modifications please to get everyone
>> up to
>> the latest release of bitdefender?

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