Problem with latest beta: stops scanning!

Alessandro Bianchi alex at SKYNET-SRL.COM
Sun Nov 9 10:56:43 GMT 2003

Hi Julian

I'll recheck everything just to be sure, but I reinstalled the 4.24-5
from scratch and it overwrited all my hand changed files.

So I suspect all the wrapper were reinstalled too.

I'll be very happy to provide you the bitdefebder7-wrapper and the new
virus.scanners.conf as soon I'll be back to the office (tomorrow in the

I'll keep you informed about my testings

Best greetings

Alessandro Bianchi

Il giorno 09/nov/03, alle 01:07, Automatic digest processor ha scritto:

> Subject: Re: Problem with latest beta: stops scanning!
> I tested it originally myself with EICAR and it detected all of them
> just fine.
> You aren't using an old -wrapper with a newer MailScanner are you? I
> changed the command-line spec of the -wrapper scripts a couple of
> versions ago.
> Can you give me your bitdefender modifications please to get everyone
> up to
> the latest release of bitdefender?

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