new user questions :

Frédéric Médery fmedery at
Sat Nov 8 19:11:38 GMT 2003

hello Maiscanner User :),

I've just installed on RH9.0 : Postfix + Mailscanner + F-prot +

This SRV is a smtp gateway for several domains (30 users /domain).
There's no local users.

In my test lab I did some tests : virus filtering OK, Spam test OK.

Is it possible to have :
virus on/off per domain ?

Spam white/list Black/list per domain and/or per user when using
spamassassin ?

Can I redirect tagged email (spam) depending of the
domain ? par ex : if email to * is spam deliver
spam at

and last question :),

Is there a front End (PHP or other) for users who wants to modify
their own rules ? I read about in the archive but no URL has been

By the Way, Mailscanner will remplace our Mail Antivirus / spam
software (which is very expensive!) and Mailscanner has got much more
options !!! It seems to be a very mature product !!!!



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