ANNOUNCE: Beta release 4.25-6

Robert Waldner waldner at WALDNER.PRIV.AT
Fri Nov 7 23:19:50 GMT 2003

On Fri, 07 Nov 2003 14:47:19 GMT, Julian Field writes:
>I would appreciate it if people could try it out on their own favourite MTA
>and confirm if it all works okay.

It works, after a bit of tweaking. The new syntax of virus.scanners.conf
 wasn't all too intuitive without documentation.

Changing half a gazillion paths from /opt to fitting the local system 
 is still a PITA. Some central "prefix="-option, maybe?

Net::CIDR is not easy to satisfy on Debian "stale".

I'm still running mostly on the config from 4.22, but this will change 
 in the course of tomorrow, and you can expect updates on every issue 
 which isn't clearly _my_ fault ;)

(Debian GNU/Linux "stable", sendmail 8.12.3-6.6)

-- We occasionally approach the Level of Maximal Frustration
--                  - from above.               Mike Andrews

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