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Derek Winkler dwinkler at ALGORITHMICS.COM
Fri Nov 7 18:29:12 GMT 2003

My own version of the Spam digest, reads the quarantine directory for the
spam folders, reads the qf files for the information for the digest. A
central server pulls the list of stored spam from each of the MX hosts and
creates the report for each user.

Since the stored qf and df files don't include the MailScanner headers it
hard to get the score for inclusion in the report.

It stores 60 days worth of messages on the server and displays 3 days worth
in the report. Reports are sent Mon-Fri.

The Retrieve link allows the user to move the message into the queue.
Clicking on the link displays the email headers and asks for confirmation to
send the email.

An MD5 hash of the qf file is included in the link to hopefully ensure that
only the recipient of the report can Retrieve the email. Doesn't matter
since the email is sent only to the original recipients.

I used a helper app that was suid to read and move the df and qf pairs from
the web interface.

When moving the qf and df files I move them into the incoming queue and add
a header to ensure that it will not be considered spam, this allows
MailScanner to check for viruses or dangerous content.

I'm still piloting/testing this.

Work well so far, no need to modify MailScanner, no need to read syslog

Example report:

This is a list of the past 3 day(s) of email messages currently stored on
the mail systems which have been identified as SPAM. Please read the Spam
FAQ for more information.

Important Notice: By clicking on the retrieve link the user accepts all
responsibility for all content. The user acknowledges that email may be sent
to more users than themselves and may contain offensive content.


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> Problem with digests, as experienced in the past with web hosting and
> setting up Email mailing lists, is that HTML Emails cause a lot of
> headaches. The digest mode would have to strip HTML or save it as
> text/plain - otherwise badly-written HTML could make an 
> archive really hard
> to read, if readable at all, embedded styles, etc., could 
> make even the
> prettiest HTML documents look horrendous.
> Just my $0.02 worth, but yes, I support this idea. I have one 
> user (who gets
> 50% of all spam collected on my system of dozens of domains 
> hosted) who is
> particularly paranoid about FP's and losing legit Email.
> -id

To me, a plain-text digest containing info about the message would be

You received 3 messages that were considered as Spam by MailScanner and
quarantined, here is the list:

Message 1:

Spam score:
To have this message released from quarantine, send this info to your Mail

So on..

Any other ideas?

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