OT: Linux Distrobutions?

shrek-m at gmx.de shrek-m at GMX.DE
Wed Nov 5 23:49:21 GMT 2003

Ugo Bellavance wrote:

>I think it is possible to run your own repository with apt-get and yum.  Therefore, you just download the patches, and when you are ready to deploy, you copy them in your repository...

yum-repos seems to be easy to create,
cd into the directory where you have your rpms and execute "yum-arch ."

# yum-arch
yum-arch [-v] [-z] [-l] [-c] [-n] [-d] [-q] [-vv] (path of dir where
headers/ should/does live)
   -d  = check dependencies and conflicts in tree
   -v  = more verbose output
   -vv = even more verbose output
   -n  = don't generate headers
   -c  = check pkgs with gpg and md5 checksums - cannot be used with -n
   -z  = gzip compress the headers [default, will be deprecated as an
   -l  = use symlinks as valid rpms when building headers
   -q  = make the display more quiet

# grep -1 test-local /etc/yum.conf

>>PS: We're planning on upgrading everything to RH9 to get 4 more months
>>of support and decide in the meanwhile what will happen afterwards
>>(might upgrade to RHEL WS most servers)...

or more than 4 months ?


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