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Kyle Harris lists at TRCINTL.COM
Wed Nov 5 18:05:51 GMT 2003

I have a real quick question that I posted earlier.  I did get an answer,
but it wasn't what I was hoping for (i.e. the answer as simply no).  I am
hoping for a way to set up a virus scanner for some domains, but not for
others.  That way, domains that purchase a virus scanner can have their
mail scanned for viruses and those that don't will just have their mail
scanned for spam.  I am aware that ClamAV is free and could be used for all
domains, but I really need this for other antivirus solutions.

Surely other people would find this useful as well?  Apparently the virus
scanners variable will not accept a rule set or a custom function.  If it
would, that would solve my problem.

On Sat, 1 Nov 2003 20:25:22 +0000, Julian Field
<mailscanner at ECS.SOTON.AC.UK> wrote:

>I've been really busy for the last month or so (have to do my day job
>sometimes, despite my very hard working staff), and the list traffic
>continues to grow. So I haven't been able to keep up with everything that's
>going on. Many thanks to all of those who answer the regular queries for
>me, that helps more than you could imagine!
>Is there anything recently that I've missed and requires my attention?
>Please don't flood me with stuff, but I might have missed something vital.
>I'm keeping up (just about) with the mailscanner at ecs traffic, but I have
>probably dropped a few of them by mistake.
>P.S. Hopefully the release today will address some of the outstanding
>important issues!
>Julian Field
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