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Wed Nov 5 17:02:25 GMT 2003

It could be done with the MCP stuff, no problem. Or simply a SpamAssassin
rule in spam.assassin.prefs.conf.

But don't block everything containing an @ as you will kill mailto: links
as well.

At 16:30 05/11/2003, you wrote:
>This is an extract from a VNU mailing list message
>"For example, the URL at appears to lead to
>a bank's site
>but in fact will take users to VNU, the publisher of IT Week. In this case
>the link is
>harmless, but fraudsters can create convincing replicas of the sites users
>expect to see,
>fostering the illusion that it is safe to reveal sensitive data.
>As a result, firms quarantining emails that include hyperlinks built with
>the @ symbol
>could stop them reaching employees' inboxes, and so could prevent users
>visiting the fake
>sites. This could also protect firms against malicious content on the fake
>sites that
>might compromise their own corporate systems."
>The full original is at
>My question is... Can Mailscanner/SA do what this guy suggests?
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