workaround for "file size limit exceeded" mess ages?

Desai, Jason jase at SENSIS.COM
Wed Nov 5 16:10:48 GMT 2003

> At 12:49 04/11/2003, you wrote:
> >Julian Field wrote:
> > > Good point. Sorry for the lousy code. The attached patch
> might work
> > > slightly better. You did keep your unpatched original
> > > file, didn't you? :)
> >
> >I think that (as well as stripping (raw) )if it detects
> "File size limit
> >exceeded" it is treating it as a virus.  Unfortunately clam
> seems to give
> >this response with any file that achieves a high compression
> ratio, (ie
> >the same behaviour as last nights patch?)  This causes me
> problems because
> >I have folks sending files with compression ratios around 12:1 which
> >trigger this warning from Clam.
> >
> >I think the answer may be to solve the other issues with the
> clam wrapper
> >I mentioned so that the external unzipper works (which clam
> uses when the
> >internal unzipper fails), then ignore this message.
> Do other people agree that this is the preferred behaviour?
> Detect the virus, but ignore "File size limit exceeded" messages?
> Your votes please...

It's not clear to me from reading these posts if the "File size limit
exceeded" message is a bug in Clam or if Clam is really complaining about
the File size being too large.  If the latter, I would prefer to configure
Clam to not care about file sizes (--max-space=0).  MailScanner already has
DOS protection built in.


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