Mimail virus

Miguel Koren O'Brien de Lacy miguelk at KONSULTEX.COM.BR
Wed Nov 5 11:00:19 GMT 2003

There are currently 2 problems:

a) Julian wrote a patch that solves a problem with interpreting the 
output from Calm in some cases (Mimail.C)
b) clamscan 0.6 has a problem opening the zipped file with Mimail.G

So, the best bet today is to block zip files in the configuration. 
Tomorrow there is suppoesed to be a new stable version of Clam which 
solves the problem. hem you can install it and apply the patch. If you 
need this today, any cvs snapshot (of Clam) apparently slves the problem.

There is also another solution by running in the mailing list, 
"--diasble-archive" but I'm not sure what  that really does. I tried it 
and it worked for me.


kfliong wrote:

> How come Mimail virus is getting through my mailscanner + clamav 
> setup? Can
> I  add mimail into my config file like how I added sobig into the 
> config to
> stop it from coming into my server?

Esta mensagem foi verificada pelo sistema de antivírus e
 acredita-se estar livre de perigo.

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