[SAtalk] Am I nuts

Steve Thomas spamassassin at sthomas.net
Wed Nov 5 03:56:32 GMT 2003

On Mon, Nov 03, 2003 at 04:14:13PM -0600, Chris Barnes is rumored to have said:
> I turned SA off in Mailscanner, letting it handle just
> the the running of ClamAV.  SA is still being called by procmail.
> Q: Is it just a "wierd way"?

Not weird to me - it's how I do it. I prefer separate tools for separate jobs. I use MailScanner for virus scanning with Sophos and Trend, and procmail/spamc/spamd for anti-spam. This is on my personal server - at work I run MailScanner with SA support, as the users don't have shell accounts (everything's in LDAP) and trying to explain a user_prefs file to my userbase would be like herding cats.

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