Urgent help needed: mailscanner not processing mail

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Tue Nov 4 09:52:18 GMT 2003

Upgrade to a more recent MailScanner (4.24 or 4.25) and that Postfix
message will disappear.

At 02:50 04/11/2003, you wrote:
>This is urgent, for anyone who may see this and has any ideas on a
>workaround -
>I am running MailScanner 4.21-4 and Postfix on RH9. All has been well for
>A few hours ago MailScanner stopped passing any messages to my mta - the
>number of messages in postfix.in/deferred continues to rise - restarts of
>mailscanner and a server reboot have not rectified the situation.
>Occasionally some mail gets passed to my mta but very little and the
>backlog continues to mount. Also numerous entries in the maillog that say
>things like:
>Nov  4 03:41:16 smtp postfix/qmgr[2196]: BF97D160A3D: skipped, still being
>Any ideas would be welcome.

Julian Field
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