OT: Linux Distrobutions?

Bob Jones bob.jones at USG.EDU
Mon Nov 3 19:27:49 GMT 2003

Julian Field wrote:
> Lots of people on this list are bound to vote for Debian, but personally I
> have always found it to be the "enthusiast's" distro. Usual rules on flame
> wars and religious debates apply :)
> SuSE is a good alternative to RedHat.

And let me be the first of those people.  I used to be a Red Hat guy
(even have an RHCE), but I heavily endorse Debian now, especially for
servers.  The 2 main benefits from Debian is it's package management
system (the best bar none) and it's stability.  The Debian developers
fix many bugs that have yet to be fixed in the generic source
distribution of many packages.

I can sort of understand not running Debian as your desktop unless you
really know what your doing because the stable release of Debian have
pretty old version of packages (so unless you're comfortable running the
development distribution, you might not have all you need).  However,
for servers, it's the best.  You do a very minimal install that and then
add the few packages you need for your services.  You won't have the
bloat of many other distributions for a server box.

All IMHO of course,

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