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Juan C. Quesada baldguy33165 at YAHOO.COM
Sun Nov 2 03:43:23 GMT 2003

I did install DCC as the INSTALL file stated. how do i
verify that it is working with Mailscanner/Spam

thanks for your help
--- Peter Bonivart <peter at UCGBOOK.COM> wrote:
> I use Bayes and DCC (instead of Razor) and they do
> an amazing job. They
> both trigger on almost all spam and together with
> the Spamcop RBL which
> is pretty aggressive they add 12 points. Bye bye
> spam.
> There's a lot of talk about the trouble learning
> Bayes but some that
> don't run Bayes might have missed that it learns
> itself anyway. Messages
> with very low score are considered ham and messages
> with very high score
> are considered spam. I don't use sa-learn and I
> still achieve amazing
> results. As I said it tags almost every spam message
> and it's 99% sure
> it's spam so that's a cool 5.4 points. It's a shame
> if people don't use
> Bayes because they think it's high maintenance.
> DCC is also really good and is easy to setup. Check
> the INSTALL file
> that comes with SA (or on the web). The instructions
> are on four lines.
> /Peter Bonivart
> --Unix lovers do it in the Sun
> Sun Fire V210, Solaris 9, MailScanner 4.23-11,
> SpamAssassin 2.60 + DCC
> 1.2.9, ClamAV 20030829
> Juan C. Quesada wrote:
> > Im runing the latest Mailscanner with spamassassin
> > 2.60. I have not configured Bayes or razor, nor do
> I
> > know how to do sa-learn.

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