Mirror /var/spool

Tom Combs combs at magnet.fsu.edu
Sat May 31 13:29:09 IST 2003

>Put /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming on tmpfs for speed. Certainly don't
>mirror it.
>If you aren't worried about losing your queues if a disk dies, then there's
>no point in adding all the extra overhead of writing 2 copies of everything.
>By the way, Sunfire V120 servers are pretty slow. I built one last week and
>it's only just faster than an old Ultra 5. Very disappointing considering
>the facts that it is 3 years newer and double the price!


  Thanks.  How do I go about putting incoming on tmpfs?  Is this in the
  install guide and I should look there?

  This is probably the last Sun I will buy.  I honestly don't think Sun
  wants to stay in business.  Lately I've been having trouble with their
  hardware crapping out after warranty.  I haven't been ready to go with
  Linux on the servers but I think it is now mature and stable enough to
  go with it next iteration.  Just the hardware options of dropping Sun
  are enough of an argument.  Too bad, I was always a Sun diehard.  Guess
  I'll have to remove my Sun tatoo.

  Thanks again,   Tom

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