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It depends on what your spam actions are. If you say you want to deliver
it, then the message is virus scanned. But if you just want to delete it,
it isn't scanned as it has been deleted by that point anyway.
It goes to a lot of effort to virus-scan the minimum number of files
possible, as this takes a long time.

At 10:24 31/05/2003, you wrote:
>I believe it is spam-scored and virus-checked before the spam rules are run.
>I have just received one of these "support at" emails and my MS
>setup flagged it as spam (it scored 6.5 here), picked up the virus and
>caught the .pif file extension. So 3 triggers on the 1 email :)
>Andy. (well happy with MailScanner!)
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>  So, a message containing a VIRUS but that gets marked as SPAM will
>  be deleted [assuming the delete option is used/score is > etc]
>  before VIRUS scanning?

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