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> > >Spam List = /etc/MailScanner/rules/spam.list.rules
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> > As you are trying to make the list of RBLs vary by domain, then the right
> > hand side of each rule in the ruleset should be a list of RBL names. "no"
> > is not the name of an RBL. If you want no RBLs at all, then make the right
> > hand side blank.
>OK, that is what I thought. After I got to looking at it I figured it was
>probably so screwed up it was ignored. I'll see if I can fix it where when
>mail comes form my IP's no lookups are done but when they come from outside
>they are all scanned.

If that's what you are trying to achieve, then I would tie the ruleset to
"Spam Checks".

>Thanks for the clarifications
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