Sophos missing Klez pickup

Julian Field mailscanner at
Fri May 30 08:51:22 IST 2003

At 20:25 29/05/2003, you wrote:
>We've just had a 4 different users report that they received a virus in an
>attachment (Klez-H, Sircam).   Their desktop Sophos picked it up when they
>opened the email, but it appears that MailScanner/Sophos missed it.   We're
>currently using MailScanner 4.11-1 with Sophos 368.    It's also odd that the
>number of viruses caught yesterday was down to half of  the past week's
>average.  Our Sophos ides are updated hourly and that's working fine.
>We ran the eicar virus test  against sophos-wrapper and it appeared to catch
>Has anyone else had a similar problem,  or is this just another reason to
>upgrade to the latest version of MailScanner and Sophos?

3.68 of Sophos should still be updated by Sophos, but not for much longer.
I am aiming for a stable release of 4.21 this weekend, so don't upgrade today!
Julian Field
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