bayes engine not working?

Patel, Anjana Anjana.Patel at CRANFIELD.AC.UK
Thu May 29 13:37:33 IST 2003


I've upgraded spamassassin to v2.55 and added the bayes_path to the
spam.assassin.prefs.conf as per the FAQ.  The bayes_* files are being
updated which is the good news but worryingly check_bayes_db -db
/var/spool/spamassassin/bayes only reports 1 spam message which is the
test message I sent to sa-learn.  I've noticed that several spam
messages in the log have BAYES_ rules so is there a problem or is this
normal in the beginning?  We use Outlook so I'm not sure how to feed
sa-learn with the current spam in my inbox.

0.000        0        0        0  non-token data: db format = on-the-fly
probs, expir
y, scan-counting
0.000        0        1        0  non-token data: nspam
0.000        0        9        0  non-token data: nham
0.000        0     1522        0  non-token data: ntokens
0.000        0        0        0  non-token data: oldest age
0.000        0       13        0  non-token data: current scan-count
0.000        0        0        0  non-token data: last expiry scan-count


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