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> > >I have installed 4.21.6 and spamassassin 2.55.
> > >The only spam action which are working is the "High scoring spam
> > >action"! And it is using the point fra "spam action"
> > >
> > >Am I doing something wrong - or is there a bug?
> >
> > If you are using Postfix, then yes, there is a bug. I have
> > fixed it and it will be in the next release due around June 1st.
>I have installed the Beta 4.21-6 version knowing that it may be updated
>before it becomes the stable version in June.

"will" not "may" :-)

>When that happens, what is
>the best strategy to reliably identify and update all the changed
>components in my installed 4.21-6 MS system?
>I guess I could re-install as the only local changes I make are to the
>reports and to various rules files, all under ~/etc/*. However I suspect
>there will be fewer changed "system" files in ~/lib and ~/bin/* than
>files I have changed under ~/etc.
>This suggests just replacing the ~/lib and ~/bin/* directories from the
>stable version?

Replace the lib and bin directories completely, unless you have changed, in which case you should keep your current file.

I would also replace the init.d script (though you may have your own as you
don't use the RPM).

>I do not use the RPM version of MS although I run RedHat on our systems.

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