Pyzor and Razor and DCC

Christopher Albert christopher.albert at MCGILL.CA
Tue May 27 19:59:22 IST 2003

Ernest W. Lessenger wrote:

> I'm currently running Razor and am very happy with the results so far.
> The
> server gets a little behind on occasion, but it always catches up
> quickly.
> My question is this: What is the advantage - in terms of spam catching
> ability - to using Pyzor and DCC? Are we talking a 10% improvement, 50%,
> 200%, what?
> TIA,
> --Ernest

Julian wrote a message about this after grepping some of his log files
about a year ago,
it should be in the archives.
However it would be interesting to see more recent results since these
distributed systems
grow in power with more users.
One problem with pyzor is that there is no server peering and at the
last check, only one server.


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