ZMailer update patch

Julian Field mailscanner at
Tue May 27 11:21:26 IST 2003

Can you mail me the patch please? (Or just mail me up to date ZM*.pm files,
that would be easier)

At 16:47 26/05/2003, you wrote:
>Hi Julian,
>I did a small modification to the zmailer code in MailScanner.
>ZMailer's router wants its queue file names to be the files' inode number. As
>MailScanner creates a new queue file (in order to put the new headers),
>MailScanner::ZMailer::HDOutFileName does a 'stat' of the new file to find out
>the new file name, and then MailScanner::ZMDiskStore::WriteHeader does a
>rename to this new file.
>This is working OK from the start, but there is no logging of such a renaming
>happening, and the new file name (which is used as message id) is never
>I did a very small patch that doesn't modify outside behaviour, but changes a
>little the way where the new filename is built, which allows me to do a
>MailScanner::Log::InfoLog for every message, so everyone can track the
>messages thru smtpserver/mailscanner/router _and_ I also add a new attribute
>to the message object with this ($message->{newid}) so I can have it at my
>"Always Looked Up Last" routine...
>It is now in production and working fine.
>Mariano Absatz
>El Baby
>All generalizations are false, including this one.

Julian Field
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