Adding other spam scanners

Christopher Albert christopher.albert at MCGILL.CA
Tue May 27 18:24:26 IST 2003

Bingham, Ryan wrote:

>Razor and Pyzor are both free.  All you have to do is install them and
>SpamAssassin will call them automatically from MailScanner.
>To get DCC to run, make the following changes to your
>spam.assassin.prefs.conf file:
>Comment out:
>score DCC_CHECK 0.0
>And then add
>dcc_path /usr/local/bin/dccproc
>Then just look for DCC_CHECK to show up in your message headers.
>That should do it.
The DCC docs state :

> Note that it is more efficient to arrange to use a DCC client daemon
> such as dccm <cid:part1.01080101.01050705 at> to mark passing
> mail and check /X-DCC/ header lines in the filter than to start and
> run dccproc <cid:part2.01080500.01030601 at> on each message.

Do you know if that is easy to change in SA? I looked on the lists and
found no refs to dccm, nor is X-DCC found in the sa test configs


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