Adding other spam scanners

James Pifer mailscannerlist at TNJINFL.COM
Tue May 27 17:35:51 IST 2003

I apologize for asking a question that's probably been asked a million
times, but I'm not finding the answer on the website or surprisingly
searching the archives(although I'm sure it's there.)

I'm looking at adding some other spam scanners such as pyzor because I
still have a lot of spam sneaking through. Anyway, I have downloaded
pyzor and it looks easy enough to install, but how does MailScanner use

One more question regarding razor. It looks like pyzor was developed
becayse razor was not open source or something. Does razor cost
anything? I couldn't tell from its website.

I've also updated MailScanner and SpamAssassin to the latest code.


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