Couple simple questions

Håkon Eriksen hakon at PING.UIO.NO
Mon May 26 15:52:28 IST 2003

> I think the answer to your first question is the 'Always Include
> SpamAssassin Report = ' option in MailScanner.conf

Not necessarily. I'm looking for something similar, but not quite the
same. It would be nice to separate the spam-report from the header that
tells you if it's spam or not. I think this is a good idea because then
users could filter on spam/not spam (or the existence of that header at
all in our case) and not bother with which rules the score came from.
But I'd also like to always include the spam-report for the more
advanced users' benefit. 

If this is not possible now, perhaps Julian could tell me if he
would accept a patch for it, since this is kind of a policy-decision..

Oh, and thanks for a great program. It's given me a lot of praise from
my users since we installed it :)

> I'm just getting started w/MailScanner, so am a bit fuzzy on some of
> the finer points so thought I'd ask.
> First, I'm running MailScanner with SpamAssassin 2.53 & sendmail on a
> Linux box.  Clean mail is relayed to the intended target on our
> enternal mail server (MS Exchange) and spam is forwarded to a
> particular recipient on the Exchange server.  When some spam slips
> through, I'll check the headers to see what the score is, and what
> tests were run.  As it turns out, if the message is clean the tests
> and score aren't added in the headers.  Can this be turned on so
> scores and tests are always displayed?
> Also, if I want to add tests to SA or wiggle the scores so that some
> tests are higher (such as white space in the subject: SUBJ_HAS_SPACES)
> I'm not sure where to do that.  I believe a stock SA install would
> dictate to put them in the /etc/mail/spamassassin/ file,
> however the/etc/MailScanner/spam.assassin.pref.conf seems to be a
> candidate too.  So where is the appropriate place to add tests or
> score adjustments?  Since this is a relay/gateway server, there aren't
> home directories for individual pref files - all the mail is shlepped
> right on through.
> I probably have other questions too, but they escape me at the moment.

 - håkon

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