Exim accepting non-existing local users after mailscanner install

Rasmus Bøg Hansen moffelist at AMAGERKOLLEGIET.DK
Wed May 21 10:56:48 IST 2003


I installed mailscanner 3.27.1 some time ago - it is used along with
exim 3.35.

Everything is now working fine - except...

As noted in the installation guide, I added a director as the
uppermost director:

  driver = smartuser
  new_address = :defer: All deliveries are deferred

However, now exim accepts a lot of mail for deleted accounts (people
who used to live here, but has now moved away and so
on). Unfortunately, this results in a lot of mailing lists ending up
as double bounces in my postmaster account or as frozen messages (a
lot of mailing lists seems to be broken and do not accept bounces).

I have no idea how to make it reject those addresses at SMTP time. I
tried to set "verify_recipient" and "require_files = $home" - but this
does not make any difference whatsoever. I cannot see how to do it


PS. I hope this is not too exim-specific...

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