Problem upgrading Spamassassin

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Mon May 26 10:59:49 IST 2003


> All seems to be running fine, but I'd like to upgrade to the latest
> spamassassin (2.44 is the latest available RPM from redhat, and I
> can't find any more recent RPMs built for redhat 9). Tried installing
> via CPAN, but I get a message about pod2man:
> | Warning: I could not locate your pod2man program. Please make sure,
> | your pod2man program is in your PATH before you execute 'make'
> But I *do* have pod2man in my path - which pod2man tells me it is
> /usr/bin/pod2man. HELP!!

Look in the mailarchives. Its been discussed more then once. You need to
set your language stuff properly... /etc/sysconfig/i8*


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