Problem upgrading Spamassassin

John Wilcock john at TRADOC.FR
Mon May 26 10:53:49 IST 2003

I've just set up a new RedHat 9 box running postfix 2.0-10 and
mailscanner 4.21-6 and spamassassin 2.44 (all installed from RPMs). 

All seems to be running fine, but I'd like to upgrade to the latest
spamassassin (2.44 is the latest available RPM from redhat, and I
can't find any more recent RPMs built for redhat 9). Tried installing
via CPAN, but I get a message about pod2man:

| Warning: I could not locate your pod2man program. Please make sure, 
| your pod2man program is in your PATH before you execute 'make'

But I *do* have pod2man in my path - which pod2man tells me it is
/usr/bin/pod2man. HELP!!


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