web-based email for IMAP/POP3

Darren Hampton dhampton at behemothits.co.uk
Sat May 24 17:16:37 IST 2003

Hi Jeff,

I'd put forward the suggestion that IMP, which is part of the Horde framework
and suite of applications, is possibly the most complete webmail package you
could use. It needs PHP rather than Perl as you've mentioned you have but I
think that if you try IMP you'll find it's the best.

I've seen it used all over the place, but organisations that spring instantly
to mind are Pipex Internet and the University of Southampton. I use it at home
with uw-imap and openldap without any problems.

Best regards,

Darren Hampton.

Darren J. Hampton B.Sc. - djh4 at soton.ac.uk
Information Systems Officer
Social Statistics Research Centre, University of Southampton

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> Gang,
>    Can anybody recommend open-source software to give me a 
> web interface to IMAP and/or POP3 email?  My setup is 
> Solaris, sendmail, UW IMAP, qualcomm popper, perl, Apache, 
> and (of course) mailscanner. Any clear favorites for 
> web-based email out there?
> --- Jeff Earickson

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