SA RBL Failing

Brady A. Tucker batucker at ICNET.NET
Thu May 22 22:00:20 IST 2003

I actually upgraded to 2.60-vcs yesterday in an attempt to stop this
problem.. but will revert back to 2.55 as you suggested.

                                      Brady A. Tucker
                                      Internet Complete! inc.

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At 02:58 PM 5/22/2003 -0500, Brady A. Tucker wrote:
>n spam.assassin.prefs.conf   If uncomment skip_rbl_checks in
>spamassassin...  it just sits there once MailScanner has it's 5 batches (I
>have it set to 25 messages per batch),  doesn't seem to ever time out..
>whether I set rbl_timout to 1 or 10 or 40.  I've messed with
>batches/messages  setting them both to one just as a debug measure with no

If you're doing production and want reliable performance you should NOT be
running the 2.60 CVS version of spamassassin.. that's a development
snapshot build and should be considered alpha-release quality at absolute

I know for fact that the 2.60 development is currently reworking the DNS
code, so the fact that RBLs aren't timing out isn't surprising.. that code
is being changed as we speak, so that feature might be broken.. heck, it
might actually have been fixed already..

I'd strongly suggest using the stable release (2.55) if "alpha release
bugs" aren't acceptable..

>   [root at mailgw log]# spamassassin -V
>   SpamAssassin version 2.60-cvs

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