SA RBL Failing

Brady A. Tucker batucker at ICNET.NET
Thu May 22 20:58:41 IST 2003

I've been reading the previous thread on this 'OT SA Timeout..',  and it
doesn't seem to address my issue, even though this does not appear to be a
MailScanner problem.. I just subscribed to the list last night and may have
missed relevant messages concerning this,  If so I apologize in advance :)
Anyway... I here it is:

If I put set all the RBL's in MailScanner... they work fine,  but I don't
like this because I assign different point values to each RBL based on how
reliable I *feel* they are.. so they must reach SpamAssassin for this to
work and no reason to do them twice.  (please no flames on allowing the
traffic all the way through I do some on the MTA as well :)

In spam.assassin.prefs.conf   If uncomment skip_rbl_checks in
spamassassin...  it just sits there once MailScanner has it's 5 batches (I
have it set to 25 messages per batch),  doesn't seem to ever time out..
whether I set rbl_timout to 1 or 10 or 40.  I've messed with
batches/messages  setting them both to one just as a debug measure with no

All other spamassassin checks work fine other than rbl.

The setup I've been working on has been fine until the last 2 days,  for
over a year,  through many MailScanner/Assassin/Sendmail/Kernel upgrades.

Currently running :

~64,000 messages a day,  many domains,  passing through to a 'smart host'
setup in

BIND for this machine run's on itself, caching only,  and it has 4 other dns
servers located on the same network setup in resolv.conf that it rarely ever
rolls to when doing manual dig's from the command line anyway.

Dual PIII 800 / Redhat 8.0 / Kernel 2.4.20-13.8-smp

  [root at mailgw MailScanner]# telnet localhost 25
  Connected to localhost.
  Escape character is '^]'.
  220 ESMTP Sendmail 8.12.8/8.12.5; Thu, 22 May 2003
14:57:30 -0500
  221 2.0.0 closing connection
  Connection closed by foreign host.

  [root at mailgw log]# spamassassin -V
  SpamAssassin version 2.60-cvs
  [root at mailgw log]#

/usr/sbin/MailScanner   $Id: mailscanner,v 2003/05/03 16:23:34
jkf Exp $

                                      Brady A. Tucker
                                      Internet Complete! inc.

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