OT: SA Timeout Issues

Francesco Rotondo f.rotondo at TESEO.IT
Thu May 22 16:15:04 IST 2003

Another task which may cause SA to timeout is the check for a valid MX.
I put these settings in my spam.assassin.prefs.conf (you can see the
default values too):

# By default, SpamAssassin checks the From: address for a valid MX
three times, waiting 5
# seconds each time.
# check_mx_attempts n (default: 3)
check_mx_attempts 2

# How many seconds to wait before retrying an MX check.
# check_mx_delay n (default: 5)
check_mx_delay 3



> Except for the rbl_timeout, they all default to 10 seconds anyways:
> [root at ms1 log]# man Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf |grep timeout
>        dcc_timeout n              (default: 10)
>        pyzor_timeout n              (default: 10)
>        razor_timeout n          (default 10)
>        rbl_timeout n       (default 30)
> -MIC

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