OT: Pop3 Proxy

Remco Barendse mailscanner at BARENDSE.TO
Thu May 22 10:27:03 IST 2003

I would block all pop3(s) access through the firewall and have those users
automatically forward mail to a local account on your mailserver that does
use mailscanner.

On Thu, 22 May 2003, Gary Morgan wrote:

> Yesterday I had a mass mailing virus get into the office.  At first I
> was quite surprised that it made it past Mailscanner.  I haven't seen a
> single virus in months (since I first installed Mailscanner).  After
> some investigation I found that it originated from someone in the office
> who was checking an external pop3 account.
> My first reaction was to block all external pop3 connections at the
> firewall.  My CT0 wasn't happy with that solution.  He thought it would
> cause to much of a disruption.  I had considered installing a pop3 proxy
> on each client machine (similar to Spam Assassign pro).  However that
> involves too much client configuration.  So my next idea was to setup a
> transparent pop3 proxy which would run some type of virus protection,
> and possibly a spam filter.
> Does anyone know of such an application?  Or has anyone used such an
> application either currently or in the past?  Reviews?
> Julian have you ever thought of creating such an application?  It would
> be great to have the same protection from external pop3 servers as I do
> on my own mail server.
> Thanks,
> Gary Morgan
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