Performance suggestions?

Scott Adkins adkinss at OHIO.EDU
Wed May 21 19:43:45 IST 2003

Multiple directories?  If anyone has suggestions on how to
implement this in sendmail, I would be ecstatic!  Even more interesting
is if there was a way to specify which directory the incoming
message should go to based on To/From address, for instance... I just
don't see how it can be done though...


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> El 21 May 2003 a las 11:30, Joel Colvin escribió:
>> Today, as per the recent thread on batches, I am trying one system with a
>> lower batch size while the other is at the defaults.
>> Any other suggestions I could try?
> Multiple directories (I don't know how you configure Sendmail
> to  deliver to multiple queue directories, but surely one of the
> sendmailers out  there can help)... most Unix filesystems go down to
> their knees when having  to search thru directories larger than a few
> hundred entries... you might  also test ReiserFS or other "modern"
> filesystem, but that is surely harder  than delivering to multiple
> directories... I recall that MailScanner can  _read_ from multiple queue
> directories...
> You can also mount a tmpfs in /opt/MailScanner/var/incoming to speed up
> MS's  file processing...
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