Performance suggestions?

Mariano Absatz mailscanner at LISTS.COM.AR
Wed May 21 17:44:34 IST 2003

El 21 May 2003 a las 11:30, Joel Colvin escribió:

> Today, as per the recent thread on batches, I am trying one system with a
> lower batch size while the other is at the defaults.
> Any other suggestions I could try?
Multiple directories (I don't know how you configure Sendmail to 
deliver to multiple queue directories, but surely one of the sendmailers out 
there can help)... most Unix filesystems go down to their knees when having 
to search thru directories larger than a few hundred entries... you might 
also test ReiserFS or other "modern" filesystem, but that is surely harder 
than delivering to multiple directories... I recall that MailScanner can 
_read_ from multiple queue directories...

You can also mount a tmpfs in /opt/MailScanner/var/incoming to speed up MS's 
file processing...
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