Beta release 4.21-6

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sun May 18 16:45:03 IST 2003

I have just put up 4.21-6 on the website.

This includes
- "attachment" spam action to turn the entire message into an attachment.
Then puts inline.spam.warning.txt report in the main body of the message.
How well this works depends on how compliant your email app is.
- several fixes in the Postfix support, which should greatly improve
- any of the spam actions can now be applied to non-spam. This means you
can archive non-spam, among other things. You can't "bounce" non-spam.
- McAfee autoupdater replaced with Tony Finch's version.
- spam scores can be included in the SpamAssassin report. Don't blame me if
they don't add up correctly!

Plenty of other things too, plus a bunch of fixes. Please see the
<>ChangeLog for more info.
Download as usual from <>

Please let me know how you get on with it.
Julian Field
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