Calling all translators (again)

Stijn Jonker SJCJonker at SJC.NL
Sun May 18 16:00:25 IST 2003

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First of all in your english message, the word Opening in the sentence:
Onpening Spam messages might allow..... it's the for last paragraph.

And thoght in "is incorrectly thoght to be Spam, please delete this
message without opening"

Dutch translations:

Report = Rapport
- From = Afzender
Subject = Onderwerp

Full text:
==== Start ====

Mailscanner vermoed dat de bijlage in deze e-mail

   Afzender:  $from
   Onderwerp: $subject

niet gewenste commerciele bulk (Spam) e-mail is. Als u er zeker van bent
dat dit bericht niet onjuist als Spam is gemarkeerd, dan is het verstandig
om deze email te wissen zonder hem te openen. Door het openen van Spam
berichten kan de verzender van de Spam uw e-mail adres verifieeren.

Indien u ervan overtuigd bent dat het bericht onjuist is gemarkeerd als
spam, stuur dan het bericht door aan $localpostmaster.

==== Stop ====

Maybe there is an other option that you could include in the new version?

I'm supporting a community where some people don't understand english and
some don't understand dutch. They are all in the same domain. For this I
created a new language en-nl directory.

Is it possible to extend the template system to automaticly combine 2 or
more languages? (This might lead to a seperate footer, it think.)

I attached an example how one of my current reports look like.

On Sun, 18 May 2003, Julian Field wrote:

> In addition to a translation of the word
>          Report
> I am also now looking for translations of the following. This is put into
> an email message when the original (spam) message has been turned into an
> attachment:
> >Our MailScanner believes that the attachment to this message sent to you
> >
> >     From: $from
> >  Subject: $subject
> >
> >is Unsolicited Commerial Email (Spam). Unless you are sure that this message
> >is incorrectly thoght to be Spam, please delete this message without opening
> >it. Onpening Spam messages might allow the Spammer to verify your email
> >address.
> >
> >If you believe that this message has been incorrectly marked a spam, please
> >forward this email to $localpostmaster.
> Also, if there are any other variables you would like to be available in
> this report, please let me know now so we can get it right for your setup
> in the 1st version.
> Thanks folks!
> --
> Julian Field
> Professional Support Services at
> MailScanner thanks transtec Computers for their support

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This is a message from the MailScanner E-Mail Virus Protection Service
The original e-mail attachment "$filename"
was believed to be infected by a virus and has been replaced by this warning

Due to limitations placed on us by the Regulation of Investigatory Powers
Act 2000, we were unable to keep a copy of the infected attachment. Please
ask the sender of the message to disinfect their original version and send
you a clean copy.

At $date the virus scanner said:

Dit is een bericht van het MailScanner virus beschermingssysteem
De oorspronkelijke e-mail bijlage "$filename"
scheen te zijn geinfecteerd door een virus. De bijlage is vervangen
door deze waarschuwing.

Op basis van de Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens kunnen we geen
kopie bewaren van de oorspronkelijke bijlage. Indien u de bijlage
alsnog wenst te ontvangen raden we u aan de afzender te vragen
zijn bericht te ontsmetten en u een schone versie te sturen.

Op $date genereerde de virus scanner het volgende:

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