Urgent: MailScanner apparently stopped processing...

Mark Temple templem at ABCLABS.COM
Sat May 17 19:28:25 IST 2003

So is the problem fixed by upgrading MailScanner to 4.21, or do I upgrade
postfix to 2.0.9 (latest), or do I need to upgrade both?

Thanks for the insight and response.

> Here is an excerpt from the ChangeLog for 4.21:
> - Postfix support now has extra permissions parameter on "mkdir" calls,
>    solving a syntax error on some versions of Perl.
> - Postfix support now won't abandon a message because it could not get
>    the SMTP client IP address out of it. Will insert if no IP
> address could be found.
> - Postfix will always pick up IP address of locally-generated mail. -
> Postfix detects hash directory depth more cleanly.
> - Postfix handles queue files which are still being written.
> - Postfix bug fixed when processing messages with no body.
> At 16:13 17/05/2003, you wrote:
>>I am having a similar problem. I installed MailScanner-4.20-3 with
>> Mail-SpamAssassin-2.53 on RedHat 8.0. Already using Postfix 1.1.11 for
>> about 2 months. Postfix is fabulous. Installing and configuring MailScanner
>> was a breeze. ;-) It ran great for about 48 hours. Then yesterday mail
>> stopped moving. The two Postfix processes (in and out) were on and seemed
>> fine. The MailScanner was down to 2 processes when I had allowed 10 threads
>> for the 2 CPU system (PIII 933mhz 2gb mem). The "dying of old age" messages
>> had stopped appearing in the log. I killed everything and started again.
>> Mail moved a little, but I noticed the:
>>"Batch: Found invalid queue file for message..."
>>repeating quite often. I moved the 20 or so offending files to another path
>> and started again. After a while I had more of the same kind of offending
>> files. Finally I couldn't afford to have the mail failing, so I took
>> MailScanner out of the loop. MailScanner looks like a great product, but I
>> can't afford this kind of a problem. The CEO came in and pointed out the
>> importance he places on reliable email (it had only be down 4 hours).
>> Unfortunatly, he notice the outage before I did.
>>This problem seems to involve the defer/deferred mail not being cleaned up
>> properly.
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