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>On Thu, 2003-05-15 at 06:41, Julian Field wrote:
> > Okay, I admit I was waiting for someone to say that ;-)
> > You are quite right, you can't have rulesets that point to rulesets.
> >
> > The per-domain and per-user (and per-IP) black/whitelist support is done
> > via Custom Functions in Take a look in there and you'll
> > find everything you need to get this going.
> >
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>Ok, I've been looking at the comments and code and it
>looks pretty straight forward to setup.  I'm not much of a Perl
>programmer though so I couldn't tell from the code if the
>black/whitelist support handles wildcard entries.  For examble, is an
>entry of * allowed?  What about IP prefixes such as 10.10.3. ?

No, it doesn't. It just does simple lookups for speed.

This is the matching code: it shows that just the "From" address (envelope
sender), the domain of that address and the exact IP address are tested.
You can specify a whitelist/blacklist for an individual email address or an
individual domain.

I might expand this later to allow IP prefixes and possibly domain
suffixes, but I have no immediate plans for this. Feel free to add to the
code yourselves!

   return 1 if $BlackWhite->{$to}{$from};
   return 1 if $BlackWhite->{$to}{$fromdomain};
   return 1 if $BlackWhite->{$to}{$ip};
   return 1 if $BlackWhite->{$todomain}{$from};
   return 1 if $BlackWhite->{$todomain}{$fromdomain};
   return 1 if $BlackWhite->{$todomain}{$ip};

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