spamassassin 2.54 released

Desai, Jason jase at SENSIS.COM
Thu May 15 21:27:59 IST 2003

> > You may need to do quite a bit more sniffing as it (by default) only
> > refreshes the lists every 2 days!  You can see when it last
> refreshed by
> > examining the datestamp on
> /root/.razor/servers.nomination.lst  (that
> > file lists servers in preference order, fastest first)
> Allow me to correct myself slightly, the above mentioned file and
> interval relates to servers for submission of spam notifications
> servers.catalogue.lst lists the servers used for checking.  Both are
> refreshed at the maximum interval of two days

My apologies.  I was wrong.  I do in fact have tcp port 7 open for my
mailscanner server.  (I missed it because I used "echo" in the firewall
script as the service name instead of the number 7.)  I'm still sniffing,
but I haven't seen anything yet.  The age of my servers.nomination.lst file
is over 24 hours old, so I assume I would see something in the next 24
hours.  Thanks for setting me straight.


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