Spammers circumvent MS

Kevin Spicer kevins at BMRB.CO.UK
Thu May 15 20:47:08 IST 2003

>Doesn't SpamAssassin (Bayes) create a DB Hash of tokenized results
>(spam and not spam).   I suppose if you could find a way to perform
> matches against that - well, you'd probably re-invent the wheel.

Yes it does, but it only auto-learns very high and very low scoring
mails.  Odds are that the mails your users would want to train it with
would be more moderate scores, as most false positives/ negatives tend
to be borderline scores.  Therefore this wouldn't work unless you
changed the thresholds to tokenise everything, which would probably not
be a good idea (mis-learning borderline cases, server load, database
size etc).

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