spamassassin 2.54 released

Kevin Spicer kevins at BMRB.CO.UK
Thu May 15 20:25:47 IST 2003

> I've been sniffing for port 7 for over 10 minutes (and I've had lots
of mail
> come though during this time), but I have not seen any traffic.

You may need to do quite a bit more sniffing as it (by default) only
refreshes the lists every 2 days!  You can see when it last refreshed by
examining the datestamp on /root/.razor/servers.nomination.lst  (that
file lists servers in preference order, fastest first) -  note this path
assumes MailScanner runs as root.  To be honest I doubt it makes much
real difference except perhaps on the busiest servers.

While poking about in that directory I noticed that the razor logfile
was 70M and so took the trouble to set debuglevel  = 1 in

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