spamassassin 2.54 released

Desai, Jason jase at SENSIS.COM
Thu May 15 20:08:48 IST 2003

> > Fwiw, I only opened tcp 2703 for Razor2 and it is working.
> It will work with only 2703 but will probably work faster with 7 open
> too.
> From Razor's FAQ...
> "Outgoing TCP port 2703 (Razor2) and 7 (Echo). Razor2 uses
> TCP pings to
> discover what servers are closest to it."

I've been sniffing for port 7 for over 10 minutes (and I've had lots of mail
come though during this time), but I have not seen any traffic.  I don't
know - maybe the faq is outdated, or I have something set up wrong.


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